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What we Pawn

One of the oldest types of financial lending known to man is the practice of pawning items as a cash loan. There are records of this occurring as far back as 3000 years ago, and has been a near constant practice of humans the entire time. Pawning in its simplest terms is when one person puts up something of value and the other gives them a cash loan. When the loan is repaid, the item of value is returned.

This is a great way to get short term loans today, and one that people throughout Perth Amboy and the entire Jersey area practice quite frequently. Our pawn shop helps many people with this service on a regular basis. For those who haven’t been to our shop and used this service, it may be hard to think of what types of items we would pawn for these loans. To put it simply, we can pawn just about any item of value. Some items are pawned more frequently than others, however.

Common Items to be Pawned

The following are some of the most commonly pawned items and why they are so common. If you have any of these things and you need a cash loan, just bring them into our shop and we’ll be happy to see how much they are worth, and give you a loan based on that value.

  • Pawn Jewelry – Jewelry is one of the most popular items because it is typically of a high value, it is easy to carry and store, and it doesn’t go down in price over time. We frequently buy, sell and pawn jewelry in our pawn shop.
  • Pawn Watches – Like jewelry, pawning watches is very popular. They have many of the same benefits, and with the right watch, you can potentially get quite a nice cash loan.
  • Pawn Gold – Give the high trade value of gold right now, pawning it is very popular. We frequently pawn gold coins, broken gold jewelry and even gold bars.
  • Pawn Silver – Just like gold, silver is trading at near historic levels. Even a small amount of silver can be worth a significant amount of money.
  • Pawn Coins – Antique or collectable coins can be very valuable. They are easy to bring into our shop, and can help you to get the money you need.
  • While these are some of the most popular items we see in our pawn shop, they are not the only ones. If you have any type of item that you think is worth money and could be good for pawning, please bring it into our shop. We are happy to take a look and let you know how much it is worth. We can then get you set up with a cash loan right away. You’ll likely be surprised at just how fast and easy it is to get the cash you need when you work with us, which is why we are the best pawn shop in the Perth Amboy area.

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